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Commitment to Service – we stay with you during the entire application lifecycle


Creating the first version of the application is obviously just a first small step in the application lifecycle. Business needs change and evolve and who better to assist you in evolving the application with them, than the people that developed the application in the first place?


Our business model encourages long term engagements and ensures you receive not just a one time delivery according to a pre-agreed specification, but that you retain the original team to continue making changes to the application. This team stays with you and continues to accumulate intellectual capital necessary to quickly react to the changing demands of the business.


In addition to the application development and maintenance, application publishers need to maximize revenue from the application – in whatever form the business model dictates it. Our marketing and e-commerce experts can assist your team and developing and executing the best strategy possible. Our customer support specialists can help you establish an effective organization that will close the loop in terms of customer experience and ensure highest levels of customer satisfaction.

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