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Full Cycle of Development – all you will ever need to develop and launch a killer mobile app


Whether you are a startup, striving to stun the world with a perfect execution of your mobile application idea, or an established company, looking to support and extend an existing application, you will need an experienced partner to help you through the application lifecycle.

Focusing the design

The creation of the application starts with the understanding of what actually has to be done. We can offer advice and assistance by the best minds in the mobile world – people who have seen it all, been there and done that. They will help you focus your requirements and set sights on goals can really be accomplished. The application design and user experience using it has to match the needs of your business as closely as possible – and our product definition team is ready to work with you on that.

Tightening the requirements

CTo create a great product even best developers need detailed instructions from architects and product managers – this way they can develop rock-solid code and be structured for a long time to come. Breaking down business needs into a tight set of detailed requirements is a first task our product management team will do to make sure development team knows exactly what to do – and the architecture team makes sure the application structure will support that.

Agile development

We believe in the principles of Agile – develop iteratively and deliver user value. We pair this commitment with rigorous code review practices, documentation techniques and test-as-you-develop quality process. Through the processes established within the development team we can make sure we deliver quality software in a predictable stream of milestones, making sure the business goals are met in a timely fashion.

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