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Today Doctor Mobile offers its clients an unparalleled capability to design, develop and deploy complex mobile applications that extend their business into the challenging mobile area. We deliver our services to customers in a form of dedicated teams that work as an extension of in-house development team. The team is built of all the individuals required to successfully complete the project – project managers, UI/UX experts, product managers, developers and testers. We separate the engagement into distinct steps – discovery, definition and delivery.





During the discovery phase we assign a team comprised of project manager, UI/UX expert, architect and senior developer to conduct evaluation of the client’s application requirement and product a high level statement of requirements, outlining all elements of solution. The deliverables produced during the Discovery phase include screen mockups, UI flow, architecture overview and a backlog of stories for development.





The Definition phase includes detailed definition of User Stories and release planning with the entire team assigned to the project. The team defines acceptance criteria and performs estimation of the effort. Once the estimates are created, the team’s project manager creates a delivery document, specifying release dates and quality statements.





Delivery happens through iterative development sprints, with project manager reporting progress to the client through burndown charts and other metrics. Along with progress report, the team reports of quality achieved during development and user value created. Unlike fixed-price project, the customer can modify the backlog at any time due to changing business requirements or competitive landscape.

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