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Doctor Mobile employs more than 100 mobile application developers well versed in all intricacies of mobile platforms. We have on staff experts in user interfaces and user experience, product managers and product owners, exceptional developers and quality engineers. Our staff is certified in SCRUM and is actively preaching and living Agile as a core process. As a result, we can become your mobile application development extension and help you charter the waters of mobile application development.

Short summary of team experience


  • Mockup creation

  • Rapid prototyping

  • Icon and artifact design

  • User experience optimization


Application Development

  • Java for Android and BlackBerry

  • Objective C and C/C++ for iOS

  • C/C++ for Symbian and Windows Phone


Project Lifecycle

  • Agile


  • Kanban


App Marketing

  • PlayMarket and AppStore placements

  • Listing discoverability optimization

  • Mobile advertising and distribution

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