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Mobile application Experts – from BlackBerry to iOS: if it is mobile, we know it


We have been busy developing mobile applications since the dawn of the mobile era. Our team members created the first mobile application platforms in the crazy days of the first internet bubble, back in the late nineties, when device were heavy and ugly and data speeds were slow and unpredictable. We cut our teeth in cross-platform mobile application development through the evolution of mobile from the phone-only, to email-only, to multimedia-powerful devices. We have observed platforms come and go and have seen ecosystems rise and fall.


This depth of knowledge is now at your service. Lessons of the past can often assist the designers of the future to prevent mistakes made by early pioneers and we’re here to show you the way.


We are intimately familiar with the best practices of design, architecture and development for each of the major platforms in use today. We can create an application that will not only look and feel native to each platform, but also retain your unique user experience across platforms.

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